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If you want to spend a vacation surrounded by natural beauties that only has a Durmitor massif, enjoy the specialties of the national eco cuisine of the Durmitor region or an active vacation fill the time, we expect you to GUESTHOUSE STIJEPOVIĆ – Žabljak, with special offers at Durmitor.

ŽABLJAK is the most beautiful city in Ex Yugoslavia, it is located at an altitude of 1450 meters and occupies an area of 445 km2 and lives in over 4929 inhabitants. Above him, Durmitor sighs with Bobot’s hook (Cirova cave), 2523 m high. The Durmitor massif extends between the canyons of Tara, Piva, Komarnica and Mount Sinjajevina. The high altitude difference between the canyon and the highest peaks of Durmitor at a small distance of 2090 meters makes a special specificity of the Durmitor plateau. This region is otherwise known for a number of natural and geographical specificities.

Zabljak has a mountain climate with a lot of snow and, besides the suitable terrain, is an excellent condition for the development of sports and recreational tourism. It is also attractive during the summer especially for mountaineers, as well as for all others who want to enjoy in the beauty of unchanged nature. Because of this, Durmitor, along with the Tara and Susica canyons, was declared a National Park and included in the World Heritage List of Natural Cultural Property. This area is also known for a large number of lakes, of which the most famous is the Black Lake. Today Zabljak and Durmitor are one of the most attractive tourist areas in Europe. Žabljak is located in the National Park Durmitor under the protection of UNESCO.

NP Durmitor About the park

The largest national park in Montenegro, which since 1980 is on UNESCO’s list of world natural and cultural heritage. Includes mountain massif of Durmitor, the canyons of the rivers Tara, Draga and Susica highest part of the canyon valley Komarnica, from which rise numerous mountain peaks, out of which 48 with more than 2,000 meters above sea level. The highest peak is Bobotov kuk 2,525 m above sea level. Durmitor is decorated with 18 glacial lakes called “mountain eyes”. The Tara canyon, whose height is 1.600m above the level of the river, is the largest in Europe and includes 1,500 species of plants and 130 species of birds.

Canyon was declared a World Ecological Reserve. On Durmitor represented the diversity of flora and fauna, with many endemic and relict species. The fauna is mostly mountainous and visoskoplaninskog type. Of about 1,325 species of plants, 122 are endemic, 150 medicinal, while 40 of them mushroom species edible. There are numerous sites of cultural heritage: necropolis, Greek and Roman cemeteries, churches and monasteries, tombstones, as well as traditional architecture (pastures and shepherds huts, mills).

Seven zones of the park belongs to the special protected zone (ICUM):

  • Reserve forests of spruce and fir
  • Black floor
  • Confluence shrinkage of the lake with narrow canyon coast Sušice
  • Barno Lake with its most immediate vicinity
  • Lake with their closest environment
  • Sharpening stream
  • Tara Canyon



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